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  • For on-call type needs, we bill by an hourly time and material rate.   The hourly rate will depend on duration of job, type of work (prevailing verses non-prevailing wage), flexibility of scheduling, etc...   For example:  If a job were multiple days or weeks, we are often willing to negotiate with things like hourly rate, minimum hours per move, travel once in and once out only, and other such negotiations.   So call and describe your job, and we will tailor our price per hour and minimums to meet your spec's.  
  • Sometimes we understand that an hourly rate is not specific enough for your bidding purposes.   So we can sometimes do a mix, where we give a not-to-exceed type # of hours (based on what you show us, at the time of bid), and you can mix and match to prioritize this time, into the most coverage you can get out of it.  Ie.: you "control the clock", so-to-speak.   So while it is still hourly, you can set the parameters, priorities of time, etc...
  • For regular scheduled type work at recurring stops (1x per week, 2x per month, etc...) like MHPs, HOAs, industrial lots, etc...,  we bid flat rate per sweep prices.  That rate will depend on the spec's shown at the time of bid, how it fits on our routes, etc....
  • Be aware that hourly rate "is not everything".   If one sweeper takes 2x as long as another sweeper, to do the same job, then you can see that a small price-per-hour difference can mean much less, in the end :)



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